Now you can finally have a fully functional interface that you've waited 30 years for as your launcher, complete with button sounds and animations.This app's interface is meant to parody the way sci-fi designers on a cheap budget imagined future computers over 30 years ago. Made with cones, curves, and various blocks in the basic 256 colors computers were capable of at the time. Topped with tiny text that was meaningless and buttons with completely indecipherable function or layout.I stayed true to that style, but for my artistic expression, I took something so ridiculous, counter-intuitive, and nonsensical, and transformed it into something smart. I gave everything actual meaning and function to give you a fully usable interface for all functions. I even color coded the types of actions if you can notice the patterns.This is a generic interface that uses only public domain simple curves, colors,rectangles, etc. and contains no trademarked material from any old - games, computer programs, shows or movies. I respect copyrights, so please don't ask me to update to include them in reviews or by mail. If you want, you can download images off the internet and add them yourself for personal use.Please use the free theme I developed for the fan film Star Trek: Renegades (in my list of apps) if you would like a limited test of the features before purchase.This is set up for easy, intuitive, common use right from launch. Please be advised, this is set on a per-pixel grid, so it is unable to be resized to fit unsupported layouts without extensive user modifications.TUTORIAL INCLUDEDThere's info in the FAQ about the weather and how to get it back after theTotal Launcher app update (and another weather service). up the stars :-) It helps me. Even without the icons, this theme is really nice and completely free without ads.Like and follow my Facebook page for the latest releases and updates. check "More by NSTEnterprises" below to see my other offerings.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.0 and up