Marijuana is the most popular after-alcohol relaxing and uplifting drug that is used all over the world. Download mega a cool and exciting marijuana add-on and enjoy cool pictures everyday! Share the app with a friend, let him also be in the center of topical new products!Marijuana is a mixture of shredded parts of a cannabis plant. Most often grind and grind the color and leaves on which the resin accumulates. For the manufacture of marijuana, a female plant is usually used. The main psychoactive ingredient contained in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol. The total number of consumers is estimated at 181 millionMarijuana was known to people thousands of years ago; In the 20th century there was a rapid increase in the use of marijuana associated with religious beliefs. In the early 20th century, marijuana became illegal in many countries. Although some of it began to struggle with very rigorous methods, in most cases the use, storage and distribution of marijuana is not considered a grave crime. And in some countries, marijuana is partially legalized.There are several versions of the origin of the name. One of them - from the Portuguese mariguango - is "drunk". By the other - from the names Maria and Juan used for the name of the cannabis cigarettes. Some connoisseurs believe that the name went away from the names of Mary and John.
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