Chernobyl Stalker PIN Lock

Chornobyl in Stalker style - PIN Lutsk Scressen.The explosion at the nuclear power station forever left the whole life of the insect and the territory around it forever. Now only the creepy pictures and landscapes that are reminiscent of the past are left. This locality is loved by all adventurers. Install an app that contains pictures of the legendary abandoned city. Take pleasure in the application to lock your phone screen!On April 26, on the fourth reactor, there were two explosions. The reason for the disaster is overheating of the reactor and the accumulation of a large number of gases that appeared during the uncontrolled reaction. As a result of the disaster, 7 tons of nuclear fuel fell into the environment.For extinguishing the fire helicopters, dropping special mixtures for extinguishing and preventing the chain reaction, as well as sand and clay, were used. Later it turned out that they may have further increased the temperature of the reactor. The fire was extinguished only on May 9.Roads in the exclusion zone without a single pothole. An even asphalt covering is laid down in order to avoid the spread of radioactive waste that is carried in trucks for research or storage. According to the regulations, these vehicles must move at a speed of not more than 40 km / h so that the cargo does not crumble.The Forbes Magazine recognized the area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant as one of the "super-diverse tourist spots where you can relax and see what's no longer anywhere in the world."
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.0.3 and up