Zooper Widget DoubleRingsColor

Stylish design - clock / weather widget with app-start function.CREATE YOUR OWN COLORS simply by using ColorPickers !!! Even for material design !!!* This is not a standalone app! Zooper widget PRO is required * Here you will find the full version.:http://goo.gl/1MB3kS* For extended switching and Color-Pickers App ZW Utilities is required * Here you will find the free full version.:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.thinkkwer.zwutilities&hl=de- 22 skins for different display resolutions included. For high resolution smartphones, it's best to use DoubleRingsColor version (eg FullHD), for lower resolution devices take at least DoubleRingsColorThin- Showing time, date, weather, wind, location and battery Information- also shows "todays mobile data" and "mobile connection mode"- also Accu-Symbol while charging, last Weather-Refresh- also Sun-/ Moonset and Infos about next Alarm and next Appointment- All fonts, colors and even sizes (I recommend to set scaling in Zooper Widget Pro to a value between 110 to 200)can be adjusted (but not be stored on SD-Card)- It can launch 9 different apps or activities. Choose "Layout" in Zooper Widget Pro from the menu, and set for the items "AppStart oben/unten/Mitte/links/rechts" under setting "Module OnTap" the appropriate app / activity. The grid corresponds to the full width of the widget with 3 rows and 3 columns per line. Standard settings are to call the battery info in the top right area and the configuration menu of Zooper Widget Pro in the upper left areaDoubleRingsColor require the installation of ZW-Utilities (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.thinkkwer.zwutilities&hl=de)for all functions. When you first load the new widgets all the information is above the other, for first time you have to click positions 2,4,5,6 repeatedly (see pictures above).!!! You have to install ZW Utilities and start the APP once. Next hit the "+" in upper left corner and type "Ring_Color" as new variable name and store it with clicking "Add". Again hit the "+" in upper left corner and type "Back_Color" as new variable name and store it with clicking "Add".Again hit the "+" in upper left corner and type "Watch_Color" as new variable name and store it with clicking "Add". Now you can close the app and wont have to do it again. If you dont add these variables in correct spelling, Color Pickers wont work !!!How to use / set DoubleRingsColor (see Picture above with Positions 1-6):- Tap Position 1 to show Color-Picker for Background Color- Tap Position 2 to toggle left Ring between Default and Alarm/Appointmentinformation (or Analog/Digital Design for DoubleRingsAnalog)- Tap Position 3 to show Color-Picker for Ring Color- Tap Position 4 to toggle right Ring between Default and Sun/Moonphase Infos- Tap Position 5 to toggle right Ring between Default and 3-Days-Forecast- Position 6 could be used by your own for example to set an external Weather-App with more detailed Infos. (Use "Module OnTap" from item "AppStart extWeather" for it. For DoubleRingsAnalog it toggles Alarm/Appointmentinformations and digital view.- Tap in the middle of left Ring toggle Analog- / Digital-Design- Tap on Date in Analog Watch show Color-Picker for Watch-Color- Tap in the middle of widget switch between watchfaces (only for Templates DoubleRingsDoubleSwitch and DoubleRingsDoubleSwitch2)- You can still use all other 9 areas to configure and start our own Apps/Shortcuts (use "Module OnTap" of items "AppStart xxx" for it)How to:- Add a new widget to the Launcher- Select zooper widget (4x2 is best)- Select the widget in Zooper Widget Pro- All settings can be changed, 9 different Apps / activities can be assigned (but changes of settings can not be stored on SD-Card)* Note *Please, in case of problems dont write immediate a bad review, just write an email and I will help as soon as possible. Many thanks!Tags: Zooper, Widget, Clock, Weather
Operating System Android