XSSecure-XTS Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System, GPS tracker or Car/School bus/Child Tracker application for locating and tracking your Vehicles on realtime on Map for free.In this modern world, theft & stealing has become a "habit" of many. It has become difficult to protect your Assets. With Vehicle theft on a heavy rise, Vehicle Tracking System, or commonly called "VTS", is theneed of the hour for virtually everyone - be it Personal, Corporate, Commercial, Logistics, Military or Government Vehicles.The XSSecureXTS is an Android application for locating and tracking your Assets(vehicle,person,property).You can track your Asset worldwide(globally)on google map in terms of Asset's speed ,location ,addresses, mileage ,time interval ,maximum and mininmum stoppage of particular vehicle. XSSecureXTS Tracker is an app that make it easy for you to monitor your Asset in android mobile or tablet.After downloading the app into your cell phone, you will have an overview about all the trips taken by your Assets.XSSecureXTS enables you to record technical difficulties and even stops for refuelling , it shows the exact path the vehicle took on a map during each trip, informs about distance covered in kilometres, warns about the impending date of a technical inspection and similar.Details of services and configuration Please visit xssecure.com .FEATURES:Application supports different languages (English, Hindi, Punjabi).Track asset on Google map.View map in four different map types (Normal, Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain).You can view the traffic or your own location on the map.Live tracking of your asset from the current point to destination as you navigate.Route Play Back draws the entire route of the asset on the map between start and end time as entered by the user.Know the current status of all the asset for which you have registered from your account.View the list of all the assets group wise.Route of the asset being tracked can be viewed in a report form providing information such as device name, speed, milage, battery etc.Duration for which the asset stopped between its source and destination can also be viewed in the report form.Full support and help module inside app for basic configuration.24*7*365 Support available .Upcoming Features:Alerts on the basis of speed .Alerts for particular fence(Geofence).Alerts for Stoppage.Alerts for battery levels.Alerts for Fuel Level.Alerts for Milage Covered.Audio Streaming of Assets.Assets Camera Streaming.Access to Stop Assets at any Time from Phone(Prevent Movement). and many More.Its totally Free to download and use.
Operating System Android