XRed Theme Total Launcher

This theme does not work alone.You must install "Hawakivi TL Theme collections" to apply this theme to Total Launcher.Please click the following link to download "Hawakivi TL Theme collections" :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ss.launcher2.hawakivi(Tested on Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, Android 4.4.2, Total Launcher 1.1.0)Requirement :1. You must have Total Launcher (app by ChYK)installed on your device.2. You must have Hawakivi TL Theme Collections (app by Hawakivi)installed on your device.3. Your Android OS must be at least 4.0.04. Your Total Launcher must be at least 1.1.0Installation Instruction :1. Go to Hawakivi TL Themes Collections app after you install this theme.2. Look for the theme by sliding the screen.3. Once you see the theme, Apply it and choose Commit.THANK YOU!TL Launcher app by ChYK (geek21c@gmail.com )Hawakivi TL Launcher Themes by Hawakivi (hawakivi@gmail.com )
Operating System Android