WP Light Pink Keyboard Skin

HD Keyboard SKIN / theme with pink Windows phone (metro)7/8 style, with light pink keys, black text, and white background. Simple and elegant.Looks good on any resolution.This is NOT A STANDALONE APP. You should download one of the listed compatible keyboard apps to use this SKIN.Compatible with :- Perfect Keyboard (pro)- Smart Keyboard (trial and pro)- Ultra Keyboard- Kii Keyboard- Super Keyboard- TSwipe-Pro keyboard- Better Keyboard- May work on other keyboards alsoNote : For "perfect keyboard", I recommend to tweak settings in Layout->Horizontal/Vertical Layout :- Key height to be bigger (110-140)- Row gap to be smaller (30-50)This skin doesn't have launcher icon. It doesn't pollute your phone :)Please don't give bad ratings because of some errors, try to contact us first, we will handle that :)KNOWN LIMITATIONS :- Key's pop up cannot be overridden in smart keyboard, it will use the default pop up, it is that app's limitation.- The keyboard app font is depending on the system font and the keyboard app itself (perfect and ultra keyboard uses bold font)INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS :1. Get one of the Keyboard applications listed above from the Google Play. If you already have one of them you like, go to step 4.2. Enable the new Keyboard App. Go to your phone's settings, then language and keyboard settings, and enable the one of the compatible keyboard app.3. Change the input method to that new Keyboard app. In GB phones, long press on a text box, and select "Input method", choose that keyboard app. In ICS or above, while focusing on a text box, choose input method by pressing the notification panel "Select input method".4. Go to the settings of the keyboard app, and change the keyboard skin to the one you've downloaded.About Dev :- https://twitter.com/LivingRunner- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Living-Runner-Games/452648511458443- Email : kristoradionpurba@gmail.comKeywords : windows phone 7 8, metro, light pink theme, Keyboard, Skin, hd, smart, perfect, ultra, kii, keyboard
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