Winter Holidays Vintage Free

Winter Holidays Vintage HD Free Live Wallpaper - Slideshow with beautiful images of Rare Vintage Postcards Winter Holidays.Decorate up you android home screen with this beautiful high resolution live wallpaper and create magical Winter Holidays atmosphere.Features & Customizations:Winter Holidays Slideshow3 Customize speed of slideshow5 Image transition effect is selectable50 Rare high-quality images (150 in Full Version - multiple screensDo Not Require Internet ConnectionOptimized for smooth movementMinimum battery usageDOES NOT slow down your phoneWorks for both Lock and Home screen.Smartphone ready!All images are taken from large collection of antique and vintage art by G.O.S.Studio:! HOW TO USE SETTING:To use this wallpaper, press the menu-button when you are on your home screen, or in an empty space on the Home screen press and hold the finger. Menu window will pop up. Choose "Wallpaper" -> "Live wallpapers" and select the "Winter Holidays Vintage HD Free" from the list. You can change your settings and set it as your new wallpaper now.This is a wallpaper. It will not appear in your app list, but in your "Live wallpapers" list. Please don't give bad ratings because you don't see it in your app list!Please notify us if your device is not supported for this application.If you like this wallpaper, please leave us 5 star review and keep us motivated!
Operating System Android