THIS IS THE DEMONSTRATION "LITE" VERSION. IT PROVIDES ONLY LIMITED FEATURES TO ILLUSTRATE THE MAIN IDEA.A wild leopard on your home screen! He lives on your desktop, watches your action, sleeps, moves and won't appreciate when you try to touch him :)Enjoy amazing environment - realistic day time and smooth transitions between sunrise, day, sunset, and night; blowing wind and clouds moving in the sky. (Most of these features are available only in the Full version)Visit us on Facebook - us on Twitter - NOTE: If you're experiencing any issue with the wallpaper don't hesitate to contact us by email - In 99% of cases we cannot resolve an issue reported as a comment.Wallpaper features:--------------------------- Realistic day time transitions. (Day time is calculated based on your true location using A-GPS service or can be set manually)- Available in the Full version only;- Quality artwork;- Animated backgrounds;- Interactive Leopard (In the Full version only).Device features:----------------------- Full support for portrait and landscape orientations;- Efficient battery consumption. The wallpaper is rendered only when it is really visible;- An ability to limit the number of frames per second to prolong battery life;- Can be moved to the SD card;- Requires OpenGL ES 2.0.
Operating System Android