Wouldn't it be cool if the alarm clock shortcut on your homescreen wasn't just a static image, but a moving, live clock? Well, that's exactly what this is :-)!HOW-TO:1. Long-press on a free area of your homescreen2. Select "Add Widget"3. Find the "Live Clock Shortcut"-entry in the list and drag it to a free area on your homescreen4. Configure it to your liking (Design, Label on/off)and tap on "Save"You can then remove your old, static alarm clock icon. Tapping on the new icon will launch your stock alarm app.The widget uses a standard Android system component and therefore has zero impact on your battery life.PLEASE NOTE: This is not an app, meaning that you won't find a new entry in your app drawer once you've installed it. It is a *widget* that can be added to your homescreen as described above
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