Christmas Glitter Star Theme

Now let's show your a wonderful christmas theme! This is our new attempt for glitter element on star live wallpaper and christmas icon design! Through this theme, we will show you the charm of christmas in a comprehensive way.Unique design brings you a new experience on glitter style. You can install this christmas theme on your Android phone to experience an unprecedented design impact. Our glitter theme only compatible with our own launcher so you need to install our launcher at the same time. But believe me, our Launcher runs very smoothly and won't bother your phone.Features:1.Unique design of christmas live wallpaper.2.Fantastic glitter icon pack for 100+ of popular element cleverly designed to create a unique and personalized experience.4.Dynamic star theme with weather forecast, it's more than just a theme can make your phone runs smoothly than ever.If you are a theme lover and passionate about personalizing your phone, then you can try our glitter theme and it will definitely make your eyes shine.
Operating System Android