WA emoji replacer PRO [Substratum]

This is the pro version of WA emoji replacer.This theme will help you to replace the stock WhatsApp emojis on chats and statuses.This theme will not work on modded versions of WhatsApp.* This app will only work on devices with root access + substratum or substratum + andromeda installed.* Theme supports AOSP/Samsung/Oos Oreo(8.x) and Nougat(7.x) devices.11 emoji packs derived from, and inspired by various commercial software projects.9 status emoji packs, to decorate your statuses.IMPORTANT: Don't apply both emoji and chat bubble overlay at the same time.Apply the chat bubble overlay first and then apply emoji overlay !Installation Procedure:* Disable/uninstall all previously installed overlays on WhatsApp.* Select the emoji pack you want to apply from the options.* Click "Build&Install" from the options.Icons update/change Procedure:* Uninstall the previously installed overlays.* Select new emoji pack from the available set.* Click build and enable.* Reboot after installing the overlay.Issues:If you face any issues with this theme, don't star the issue on playstore, please let me know.Contact:e-mail: thedarkestdevil12@gmail.comtelegram: @thedarkestdevil12
Price USD0.99
License Purchase
Version 2.1
Operating System Android