Gyro Solar System 3D Live Wallpaper

Features:- Fully 3D Live wallpaper with rendered stars, Constellations, Orbiting Planets,3D Green Nebula Background and Particle Plexus Effect.- Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses gyroscope / accelerometer.Options:- Nebula Background- Animated Sun- Orbiting Planets- Constellations- Gyroscope Rotation- Parallax Effect- CometPlanets Include:- Solar System Simulator With Orbits- Mercury- Venus- Earth With Moon- Mars With Phobos And Deimos- Jupiter With Io And Europa- Saturn- Uranus- Neptune- Pluto- 4 Types of Touch Follow Effect- Flowing particles- Particles Trail- Particle Plexus- Embers-Swipe your finger to create an extravagant trail of flowing particle Effects.- Double Tap - Double Tap Anywhere on Home Screen To Open Settings Menu.- Supports both phones and tablets, portrait/landscape.3D Android Live Wallpaper made with Unity 3D
Operating System Android