Executive Gold Shade WatchFace

Refine your smartwatch with Executive Gold Shade Watch Face. This watch face holds as a true testament to excellence. A stylized black and golden face covers a purely accurate mechanism within. Every hand of the watch face is accurate to within a millisecond. As such, all hands including the second, minute and hour hands are all smooth in motion. In addition, the hands move around the watch face as it would in a real watch. This means that telling the time is as simple and refined as it always has been.The two dials introduce added functionality to the watch. Each can be set to display the date, day of the week or the watch battery level.This gold watch face is sure to match your standards and act as a reliable time telling piece.When downloading this application, be sure to have Android Wear installed. Android Wear is required in order to install this watch face onto your smartwatch.
Operating System Android