Umbra Kids Launcher + 9 games included

Umbra Kids Launcher is our parent & child friendly launcher.Our child friendly launcher has been designed for parents so that they can create a safe child friendly shell on a phone or tablet. Umbra Kids Launcher gives an adult the ability to set which applications a child can access.Umbra Kids Launcher includes 9 games and applications. They are suitable for a variety of age ranges, from child to adult! You can remove or grant access to any of the included applications or to any of your installed applications.Umbra Kids Launcher includes:* Draw Galore* Count the Animals* Learn Letters* Play Piano* Simple Snake* Tico the Toucan* Coco the Clownfish* Kiki's Gone Nuts* 2-bit Retro RacingKey Features:* No ads - 100% ad free." PIN access control.* A safe environment with access to permitted apps/games only.* A selection of apps and games are included.* A user friendly interface.* Ability to set a background (wallpaper) image for your child.* Ability to control which applications are accessible.* Ability for a parent to disable child mode (temporarily or permanently).* No sensitive data collected!Audio Credits:Ville Nousiainen, Rutgermuller, The Complex Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Operating System Android