What makes you want to try smart typing? What makes you feel like changing the tedious keyboard? Check out and download these black cyan themes. Start a new typing style and try a different keyboard.This is a set of black cyan themes. It consists of not only cool color element, but also neon cyan. The combination of these elements makes these black cyan themes more distinguished and personalized.Characteristics:This set of themes are characterized by the following:1. Both cool color and neon cyan elements are presented.2. Setting black as the background color. This black color serves as a perfect background to make the feature of cool color and neon cyan elements stand out in these black cyan themes.3. Simple element has been applied to highlight the characteristics of black cyan theme.How to download these black cyan themes?To download this set of black cyan themes, you need to download and apply our input method APK. With that installed, you can then enjoy these unique black cyan themes.More benefits for downloading these themes:1. Cloud Prediction function at hand: typing more efficiently with cloud data powered prediction function to accurately predict your input.2. Gesture Typing: instead of typing one letter a time, just swipe through letters to enjoy easier typing.3. GIFs: huge amount of funny GIF images. Typing can be fun.4. Thousands of themes: themes of various styles including cute, cool, tech and luxury ones, etc. There is always one for you.5. Clipboard function available: cut your input for a quick paste, fast and convenient.Thanks for using our themes. You can show your favor and support by giving great ratings. Thanks!
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