Live Ocean Dolphin Keyboard Theme

Wanna type faster and more accurately?Wanna a unique keyboard?Do not hesitate to download this theme! The theme will provide you unexpected typing experience! This is a personalized ocean dolphin keyboard theme, consisting of blue dolphin and sea design elements as well as a distinctive design style. It will definitely bring you a different typing experience. Features: A thorough integration of blue dolphin and sea elements.Simple style buttons. This button design highlighted the features of this theme.Using blue as the background color. blue color serves as a perfect background against all elements to make this theme distinguish itself from all similar themes. Excited about the theme already? Go for it and download right away! How to download this ocean dolphin theme?To apply this theme, you need to download and install our input method app first. Once installed, you can then enjoy this unique ocean dolphin theme.Multiple benefits brought by this theme:Gesture Typing: instead of typing one letter a time, just swipe through letters to enjoy easier typing. Triple your typing speed via gesture typing!Cloud Prediction function: type more efficiently with cloud data powered prediction function to help with your accurate input.GIFs: huge amount of funny GIF images. Typing can be enjoyable.Emojis: various cute emojis for you to chat in fashion and with more fun!Thousands of themes: themes of various styles including cute, luxury, cool, system and tech ones, etc. There is always one for you.Voice Input: no typing, free your hands by using voice input! Thanks for using our themes. If you like them, please leave us a great rating to show your support. Thanks you~
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