Zunish - LL Template

Zunish - a text-based template focusing on user experience and ease of use----------------------Features:- Mixed black/white typographic interface- Smooth transitions and pleasing animations for an optimal user experience - never get lost again- Integrated podcast client and online podcast search- Weather widget without using external applications (you have to grant LL the Internet permission to update)- Media player for local and online radio stations without any third party app (no kwlp or the like)- Lightweight internal web browser- News folder for your news subscriptions- Simple app drawer in a folder (no external app needed any more)- Easily manage feeds, online radio stations and browser bookmarks- Easily customizable - just add more app short-cuts or widgets to home screen, pin screen or folders----------------------Required:Lightning Launcher. Built and tested with v14.1.3 (r 2883)Lower versions probably wont work. This template needs the "run scripts" options under "Settings->General" to be enabled!You should know how to install templates and tweak items (add, move, delete) on your home screen.----------------------Screen resolution:this template is created for 1280x720px (tested on a Sony Z3 compact) in portrait mode on Android 6.0.1.Android 7 is also tested and works.This template is not meant to be used in landscape mode. Don't try this at home without creating a backup first. You are warned.Different resolutions might mean adjustments. Let me know. I am willing to help.Recommendation: I have heard that restarting your phone after install (Android 7+8) can be helpful.----------------------Setup:see: https://youtu.be/ut5XVLkF7psMake sure you grant Lightning Launcher permission to read and write storage and give access to phone (is you want to use the call history folder) as a minimum.----------------------Good to know:Long press the back key to open the user menu.In there you can e.g. open the app drawer or the script editor.Template specific settings can be found within the 'settings' folder.----------------------Closing comment:Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask me. Write an email.You will get immediate help.And don't shoot the dev. Mistakes happen. Thank you for your patience.
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Version 4.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements None