OS11 Emoji Keyboard for Phone 8

Some of the new emoji are long overdue, such as the "Woman with Headscarf" and "Breastfeeding" emoji. Some are more playful but just as useful, like the exploding head emoji. Or is it representative of your mind being blown? Either way, it's bound to be useful.Want an NEW PHONE 8 Emoji Keyboard on your android device..??Yes, this is the best Simple New Phone 8 application for android.You will get the cool emoji to make your device look more stylish.Meanwhile, the application is downloading take a look at the cool features of the new Keyboard.Get Emoji Emoji Keyboard + GIFs with these amazing Android keyboard emojis . Emoji Emoji Keyboard + GIFs helps you enjoy typing with over 6000+ emoji, emoticons, sticker, lenny face, free GIF, and this emoji keyboard is compatible to be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, WhatsApp and any other social apps directly from this emoji app. With cool keyboard themes & keyboard customization in Emoji Emoji Keyboard + GIFs, you can text in the way you've always wanted!Features:Fast Input 6000+ Emoji, Emoticons, Symbol, Gifs- Text faces including ,- More then a text! Over 1200 most popular cute emoji across Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat , Instagram, Gmail, Kik and so on.- Smart emoji prediction for typing- Emoji art, Emoji styleWhat are you waiting for..? Download the best Emoji Keyboard application for android and make your device look cool.In total, 69 new emoji have been added to the official list of supported emoji, which means Android users will also gain access to the new emoji once Google adds them to Android.The Keyboard & Emoji Keyboard supports both Android phone and IOS, it's a super cool app that provides Android emojis for your smartphone, compatible to be used on text messages, social media posts and emails.
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