Pony Sketch PIN Screen Lock

Pony Sketch App Lock - cute and nice ponies!Many awesome cartoonish ponies are waiting for you in our lock screen! We offer you high definition quality and a fine defense of an app lock for FREE!Our Screen lock offers you not only very high defensive capabilities of an app locker such as password, PIN or voice unlock but also some high quality pictures for you to choose!Ponies are now very popular among teenagers, especially among girls who have always loved ponies, especially cartoon ones! Lots of cartoons and arts have already been made and now we offer you an app lock as well! Black and white patterned ponies are waiting for you in our screen lock!And with our applock this cuteness becomes available for you!Download it for free and give it a try! You won't lose anything but even gain an awesome looking screen lock!We offer you these features:1) Lots of pictures with cartoon ponies on them!2) Decent defense.3) Imaginative password.4) PIN lock for fast access!5) Simple to use.6) Voice unlock available!7) Little space required.8) Very fast.9) Fully customizable.10) Absolutely FREE!Rate and leave a comment if you found this App locker good for you. You may as well leave suggestions on how to improve the quality of our app locks or which topic shall we cover in our next works!Check our account for more screen locks!Also we would appreciate if you shared this app and our account to your friends on social networks or some other stuff like that. It costs you nothing but you may help someone find a good app lock!
Operating System Android