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THE DONATE VERSION FEATURES MORE CUSTOM ICONS! If you like my work, please consider donating!Do you want to have 8-bit icons for Mario, Star Wars, Adventure Time, Avengers, and more on your homescreen? Now you can.Go to http://jennning.tumblr.com/ for more details!If you like my icons, go ahead and give my FB page a like! http://bit.ly/jennningIconFBEmail j3nnning@gmail.com (me) if you have ANY questions or requests! ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT. I HAVE A STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR YOU. JUST EMAIL ME!====================Features:700+ app icons and counting!AWESOME 8-bit custom icons! Mario! Star Wars! Adventure Time! Avengers!If you need help on applying custom icons, EMAIL ME: j3nnning@gmail.com====================To use this icon pack:First install Apex / Nova / ADW / Holo Launcher (all free from the Play Store).Then proceed to download and install this icon pack.Find Simply 8-Bit in the launcher's theme settings, then click apply.Manual selection of icons / Icon picker is only supported on Apex and Nova.YOU NEED TO APPLY THE ICON PACK FROM THE LAUNCHER'S SETTINGS.If you have any questions/comments/concerns/ideas then please contact me via j3nnning@gmail.comDon't forget to rate and please leave a review!
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