Photo Resizer X Pro Batch Image & Picture Resizer

Best Batch Image Resizer On the Play StoreWith image Resizer, Resize Your Images and images Quickly and Efficiently gain a new resized image with no loss of quality..image Resizer will be your new favourite personalization appimage Resizer X is the fastest image resizer available... it does exactly what it states to any picture without any extra complications, everything is straight to the point, especially if you want to change you image resolution and size without any issues. image Resizer is your perfect choice.For using this image resizer, All you have to do is choose your image/image from your gallery, or take a new image using your phone camera, choose your most suitable image resolution or even choose your own custom image resolution and press resize and image resizer will finish the process immediately..this image resizer saves Your saved resized images in your phone's gallery and in a seperate folder from the original image.image Resizer X is the best choice if you are having trouble setting large images on your social media because of the size limitations, all you have to do is choose the profile picture option in the resolution selection list, and image resizer will resize your image into the optimal profile image size...image Resizer App Features :-Batch Resizing, You Can Resize Multiple images at once (3 in free version).- You can access the images that were resized with this image resizer in the resized images menu screen in order to view, delete, and share your resized image.- Your Resized Pictures and Original images are stored in a different image resizer image folders.. so your original images remain intact.- No Quality Loss in Resized Images.- Perfect Compression for image resizer images in order to save storage space.- Most Frequently used image and picture resolutions are already available in resolution list. (Ex : 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720)- You Can choose your own customized image Width and Height for your image resizer to use..- You can directly Set Your pictures as a wallpaper or profile image without having to leave image resizer app.- You Can Rotate Your image left or right before using image resizer.- You can directly share your resized image through social media or attach to emails.- image Resizer App is Completely Free.How To Use image Resizer App :- Choose image.- Choose image Resolution that best fits your needs.- Press Resize image and image resizer will finish in less than a second.- Choose one of the resulting choices : Save Image, Share Image, Set as Wallpaper.Pro Version Extra Features :- No Ads.- Infinite Amount of Photos in Multiple Photo Resizing (only 3 in free version).- You Can Add Text Watermark To Your Images, you can add them before or after resizing your images.Some User Feedback :Liraz Hadad (5 stars) - Very good app image resizer, help you resize images perfectlyMUDASSIR AZIZ(5 stars) - I found this image Resizer X very effient and easy to usable...thanks developer.Ahmad Darsa(5 stars) - image resizer works perfectly and easy to use .. excellent !!
Operating System Android