Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper

Flock beautiful turquoise dolphin swims in the water. The sounds of dolphin voices are heard on the waves and over the seabed.App Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper - is a simple and stylish solution for an animated screen saver on your phone. Our live wallpaper is completely free for users.Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper - the picture is displayed in both horizontal and vertical formats. At the demonstration images to the application Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper shows you how to work and customization features.Touching the screen twice user enters the setup menu. Dual Touch option is disabled in the settings.The application contains a switching module - switch off additional effects. Tap the center of the screen - Connect the audio unit tunes the respective topic. To turn off the sound using the settings menu.Application Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper contains additional Components - it lights, sparks, drops. In the Settings section, you can select the number of animations.HOW TO INSTALL Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper:1. Download a live wallpaper Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper.2. From the menu, look for the icon setting device Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper and run.3. After downloading the app opens in a new window to preview.The user can use the wallpaper Dolphins Sounds live wallpaper on quadrupeds models of devices. Keep an eye out for the release of new updated versions of the application.Let us know in the mail about your wishes and problems on installing and using the application. Live wallpaper contain ad units.
Operating System Android