NY2018 Watchface Settings for Samsung Gear

This is the companion app for settings of NY2018 Watchface on Samsung Gear S2 and S3The watchface is made for upcoming Christmas and New Year. It has an new design with Christmas lights which blink with 5 different patterns. User can choose the pattern.An additional rotation option is also available. When turned on, lights rotate around the clock.Watchface also has optional countdown for Christmas or the New Year Eve. (days until)Around the clock is a scrolling text which can be customizable. Default text is "Welcome 2018" but the user can write his/her own special new year or Christmas message.Since the app has Tasker integration, this text can also be feed by Tasker app.With this app you can customize also following features of the watchface:- set 12hr/24hr clock format- turn on/off seconds hand of analog clock- turn on/off digital clock seconds- select watch frame out of 3 options- set a scrolling text to your watchface- set color of your watchface background and watch information. you can select virtually any color for your watchface using this app.
Operating System Android