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Wow! Over 1000 installs! Thank you so much! - John.Written to be my 'daily driver', I have connected this watch face and it's companion application to the phone's calendar data, allowing it to show when events occur during the day.Intended to be as minimal a design as possible, while also including the most often used features I use during the day.Version 1.3.6r12============New INTERNET permission for the 'update news' card - no data is sent over the internet from this app, and never will!What's New?- Event List View - Touch the watch face!- Complete overhaul of the watch face internals, to enable faster app updates- UI Updates to the companion app- Lots of internal changes to the bluetooth API- Dynamic watch framerate- Added some experimental animations- Moved the gauges out of BETA- Fixed the midnight-rollaround bug!- Improved calendar selection UI for folks with huge numbers of calendars - will improve this furtherWhat's coming?- New face styles!- Transition animations- Editable font sizes- Editable arc widths- Gauge options- Interactive Gauges- Google Fit integration- Weather integrationVersion 1.2========By request, I've added a bunch of new features!- Toggle event name visibility- Toggle major tics visibility- Toggle minor tics visibility- Full screen mode (for G Watch R users!)- Dark mode (for G Watch R and OLED display devices!)- Toggle week day visibility- Toggle date visibility- Toggle month visibility- Toggle year visibility- Show a watch battery gauge (BETA)- Show a phone battery gauge (BETA)Enjoy version 1.2!Features=======- Automatic synchronisation, with an additional "Manual Sync" button in the companion phone app- Supports 'ambient mode'- Individual calendars can be enabled or disabled from the companion phone app- Event colours are preserved from Google Calendar settings! Set the event colour to see it more clearly on the watch face!- 'Live' event titles are shown when they occur- Highlights the current event arc.- Designed primarily for the Motorola Moto 360, (Update: but now considering the G Watch R too!) but *should* work on any Wear compatible device.About your data============No data is sent from this application to any server, and calendar events are only sent between your phone and the watch face. I store no information whatsoever in any form remotely, nor is there any way to pull data from the application.
Operating System Android


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