HD Thanksgiving Live Wallpapers

Thanksgiving is a worldwide celebration known as the American tradition and celebrated every year in November. The origin goes back to the very backs of American history. For the first time in Europe in the 1620s, the Pilgrims who came to the USA from the May Flower ship were tired, sick and hungry for months on their journeys. The Indians greet them and give them food, turkeys, hunting, teaching corn syrup. Three years later, British Governor William Bradford prepares a great meal and calls the Indians. Massoit, the chief of the Indians, attends this ceremony with 90 people. After that day, the tradition of eating is followed by each harvest. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proposed that Thanksgiving be a national holiday, but the proposal was voted down in Congress in 1941 and the last Thursday of November every year is declared national holiday as Thanksgiving. Would you like to experience this tradition at its peak? We offer the best Thanksgiving Wallpapers to your service. Thanksgiving Wallpapers, each in HD quality, are in "1080 * 1920" format. It has a variety of themes such as turkey, candles, flowers, autumn, fruits, vegetables, meals, prepared food tables.Thanksgiving Wallpapers can be downloaded for free by Google Play. You can set and share the wallpaper you want in HD in the background.
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