Seven Time - Resizable Clock

Customize your phone or tablet screen with a cool resizable clock widget!Features:+ Original design - new designs coming every two weeks!+ Crisp shapes - no matter what device and screen size you have your clock will look perfect and sharp!+ Battery-saving - code optimised to save your battery as much as possible - the widget stops once you turn off your screen!+ Resizable - adjust the size of the clock for your screen!+ Ajustable spacing between the clock numbers - make your clock look exactly like you want it!+ Customizable colors - adjust the widget to match your wallpaper!+ Transparency+ HEX color code support - add your favourite color using the HEX code!+ Favourite colors - Add and keep your favourite colors and use them when you want!+ 24 and 12-hour time!+ New cool updates on the way!Currently includes the following designs (free version is limited to 7 free styles):+ Seven+ Seven Minimal+ Seven Special+ Origami+ Edge+ Blocks+ FuturoFull version styles:+ Milky Way+ Nova+ Glitch+ Good VibesFull version features:+ 90'/-90' degree rotation (beta version)+ Removable Notification from status bar (only for Android below 8.0 Oreo)+ All new upcoming styles! One style every week after the full release.+ No ads!WARNING: Application might not work properly on devices with Android version below 5.0 Lollipop. If you experience some bugs, please, send us a message!If you like the widget and have a few spare minutes, please, rate the application and write a few words in review!Have a great day!
Operating System Android