Dark angel theme black background Fallen Angel

Is a beautiful young girl full of curiosity. She recently inherited her grandmother's house, because no other loved ones left, so she decided to go to the roots. So she took her boyfriend and her best female friend Charlotte to the house. In the dark cellar, Rebecca found a mysterious book called "Angel of the Night" (Angel of the Night). This book describes the life of the vampire Rick (Rico). Rebecca gradually obsessed with the dusty book, slowly, an incredible secret was revealed: Rick is her grandfather, more than a hundred years ago was swept Copenhagen (Copenhagan) The streets, for many years, disappeared and disappeared, and gradually forgotten by the people, but a few years ago he came back and was prepared to retaliate against the town that had attempted to kill him that year. In the cellar, the three good friends opened an old sarcophagus, inside a pair of big bats skeleton. It must be Rick. Rebecca put all the dangerous consciousness behind, and applied a secret ceremony that would awaken his grandfather. Soon, the bats regain new life, flew outside the sarcophagus, and sucked the blood of Charlotte, and this blood gave Rick enough energy to change back to their own body. The vampire resurrected. angel.
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