This theme works only with the LG Theme engine on phones running UX6 (LG G6 or other phones with ported UX6 interface. The following apps are themed: Framework (lge-res) - LG Alarm Clock- LG Backup- LG Calendar- LG Camera- LG Contacts- LG Easy home launcher- LG Email (icon replacement does not work) - LG File Manager- LG FM Radio- LG Gallery- LG Hifi recorder- LG Home Launcher- LG Messages- LG Music- LG Phone- LG Keyboard- LG InCallUI- LG Quick Memo- LG Quick Voice Plus- LG Settings- LG Smart Share Cloud- LG SystemUI- LG TV app- LG Voice Recorder- LG WeatherPlease be advised that the theme engine has some fundamental restriction: System icons (Settings, QS) cannot be changed- Third party apps cannot be themed- Some carrier variants does not have all themed apps. Please use this site for user feedback:
Operating System Android