Wine & Cream for LG G6

Maroon an cream colors throughout the theme built for the LG G6. All of the icons are Custom. Simply apply this theme in the chooser and enjoy the Light and creamy side of life. NO ROOT REQUIRED. Best method to apply. Apply stock theme first, install theme. Apply new theme and benefit. If you are already on this theme and having difficulties, please follow these instructions. apply stock theme- delete current theme- download new version- apply theme. Some items cannot be changed, LG has defined what can and cannot be themed. Example: the orange notification bubble and number inside. THIS cannot be changed. There are other items such as the drop down notifications cards are stuck white. Themed apps: Framework. LG Alarm Clock. LG Backup. LG Browser (Carrier specific). LG Calendar. LG Camera. LG Contacts. LG Easy home launcher. LG Email. LG File Manager. LG FM Radio. LG Gallery. LG Hifi recorder. LG Home Launcher. LG Messages (Carrier specific). LG Music. LG Phone. LG Keyboard. LG InCall UI. LG Quick Memo. LG Quick Remote. LG Quick Voice Plus. LG Settings. LG Smart Share Cloud. LG SystemUI. LG TV app (Carrier specific). LG Update Centre. LG Voice Recorder. LG Weather.
Operating System Android