J Dark Ice Substratum Theme

J Dark Ice Substratum ThemeMust have Substratum installed, available from the play storeIf there are problems with installation, make sure to check the Substratum Sites first. If there are problems with the application of the theme, ie: APK issues, you need to clear the Substratum APK data and make sure to accept write permissions. For matching icons, I recommend using my J Blue Ice Icons, or J Gold Ice IconsGet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. johnmcwapps. jBlueiceIconsGet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. johnmcwapps. jGoldIceIconsMust install Android System with a color choice for any APK's to themeSome Apps have a Dark theme option in their settings, pick those options, for instance Default Keyboard defaults to Material Light, you can change to Material DarkColor Choices available. Ice Blue (default). Ice Gold. Ice Jade. Ice Mint. Ice Pink. Ice Purple. Ice Silver. Primary Blue. Primary Green. Primary Red. Primary Yellow4 signal type options available in System-UIJ Style, Stock Style, T Style, LuanerUI by YAcreates StyleWhat is themed? AdAwayAndroid Keyboard (AOSP) AudioFXBluetooth ShareBrowserCalculatorCalendarCall ManagementCameraChromeClockContactsEmailFile ManagerGalleryGmailGoogle AppGoogle Play StoreGoogle Text-to-speech EngineHangouts (Talk) InboxMapsMessagingMusicNova LauncherPackage InstallerPhoneRoot ExplorerSettingsShould I AnswerSwiftKey KeyboardSystemUI - Status Bar icons - Nav Bar icons -etcTrebuchetcLocksubstratumand more.
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