Galaxy 3D Live Wallpaper

3D galaxy live wallpaper - amazing free 3D space live wallpaper with 3D galaxy in which you will see: the myriad of stars, the raging center of the galaxy, which contains supermassive black hole that absorbs matter in such quantities and at such a speed that approaching it heats up and starts to shine and some of the dust and gas erupts in the form of directed plasma fountains. Install these space wallpaper now, and it will be an excellent decoration for your phone or tablet. Features: Scrolling: on touch, on screen change and under the control of a gyro. 3D galaxy with a dust disk, multi-colored stars and a black hole in the center. Beautiful cosmic background with stars and nebulae, the color of which can be controlled. Lots of settings that allow you to control the viewing angle, camera tilt, scrolling and much more. Real dynamic 3D animations.
Operating System Android