Silver Crown Keyboard theme

Please read the instruction carefully before installing. This app contains only the Go Keyboard Theme. This theme is only available for phones with GO Keyboard installed. You have to install Go Keyboard first. This app is available on google play: jb. emoji. gokeyboard. How to Apply the Theme: Go Keyboard -> Theme -> Local -> Apply. More Apps in same design available on Google Play Store. If you want to see other themes, type in search box: buffoneart. IF YOU LIKE THE THEME, LEAVE YOUR POSITIVE FEEDBACK, PLEASE. YOUR SUPPORT WILL INSPIRE US TO CREATE BETTER DESIGN THEMES. THANK U. Copyright 2017 buffoneart. All rights reserved. Refunds>You have 2 hours from the time of download to return an application purchased on Google Play for a full refund. If Google Play's 2-hour return period has passed, the developer is responsible for deciding if you are eligible for a refund. You may only return a given application once; if you subsequently purchase the same app again, you may not return it a second time. After you've purchased an app on your phone, you'll see a refund button on the app's page in Google Play. Just tap that button and you'll have your money back in no time (not counting any potential credit card processing time).
Operating System Android