ArtPaper-Background wallpapers

Make the most of your display with beautiful HD wallpapers and backgrounds. Choose one of your favorite wallpapers. Change it as often as you like, Show the high quality exclusive HD wallpapers & Backgrounds to your friends and family. Enjoy the collection that keeps on growing. ArtPaper Features- Exclusive high quality HD wallpapers & Backgrounds- Global Artists collaborations- Frequent Wallpaper updates- Free to use- Simple and optimized interfaceAbout ArtPaperConcept brought by a group of Hobbyist & Artists around the world. Idea is to bring Artworks and Photographs to everyone who love art all over the world in form of wallpapers and backgrounds. Whenever we do collaboration with Artists around the world, It brings you a brilliant beautiful wallpaper or background. Wallpapers categoriesInclude all categories. It can be photography, Artworks, Paintings, Digital Pics etc.Team Behind ArtPaperWe are Artists, Photographers, Editors, Hobbyist, Programmers with 2.5 Million Viewers & 50000+ Followers. How ArtPaper works? ArtPaper as an application is as simple as checking your Album and selecting your favorite pictures. You will get new wallpapers and backgrounds whenever we do collaboration with handpicked Artists. You can download Art or Photographs or set them as wallpapers. Whenever you download Artworks, it is added to your Gallery as collection under ArtPaper folder. Any time you can see this pictures and use it for any purpose. You get notified for new wallpapers and you can just open the app and download and add it to your collection. How to use ArtPaper? Open the Art Paper application from the home screen or launcher, You will be able to see different artworks, photographs & wallpapers. Select your favorite wallpaper and click on it, Now simply set it as wallpaper. Or you can just download it and keep it to your collection so that you can use it any other time. What makes ArtPaper standout? We believe in a free world united by Artists. We are proud to have an excellent team who spend their time to create this artworks collaboration to bring best works to Art Lovers. Our artworks are our own, we don't buy Artworks, we don't deal with any people outside our domain, Its always our small team who just love creating artworks. Artworks we provide are free to use for any personal purpose. You can share it with your Friends, Family or mates. We will be keep on improving the app. Art Paper has been tested on latest devices for android. Please contact us if your device is not supported or you facing any problems. Thank you. Technical Side Technically it took more than 2 years for us to create this simple App, We are basically Hobbyists around world, and hard part is to get the best works from artists and to form a team with them. We have been creating live wallpapers and portfolios from past 10 years and then we planned to make some thing different which allow users to receive special beautiful and lovely wallpapers without getting bored. Code behind Art Paper is so efficient that its size is only 400 KB, but inside you are going to get best quality live wallpaper. we have optimized our code so that thumbnails and caching will happen so that you don't need to load the pictures every time. We have kept the interface simple for you so that there is no complex procedures involved in selecting your favorite wallpaper. Its as simple as opening your Album and pin your best pictures. But we also promise to keep on improving the app according to the feedback and response we get. Mean time we will be dealing with more artists to be part of our Artist team so that we can bring you best artworks, photography HD wallpapers and backgrounds to everyone. Copyright United Art Inc. 2017-2018. All rights reserved. All artworks are our own artwork with legal agreements from respective Artists. We don't use any artworks or pictures which are not ours.
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