Dogs Liven Wallpaper turns your favourite smartphone and tablet photos of your pet into personalized wallpaper by allowing you to add particle effects, filters and night effects. The app includes an automatic wallpaper changer, so you can have different photos of your dog (s) featured on your phone's lock screen every few minutes. Now you can show your friends and family how much you love your pets with your personalized wallpaper. Even better, you can show how much you care for animal welfare by using this app. We're donating part of the proceeds from this app to animal rescue agencies worldwide, so that your app purchase supports the caring for neglected animals. Get Liven Wallpaper and you'll never be bored of your phone or tablet lock or home screen again. Liven offers: Particle Effects. Choose from four kinds of effects, including love hearts, dog paws, 'woof', and more. Filters. Shift the mood and feeling of your wallpapers with wallpaper color filters. Starry. Darken your wallpaper with beautiful night stars at night time. Multiple Wallpapers. Add multiple wallpapers to your gallery, and let it change with time. Each wallpaper can be configured to different particles, filters, and night stars. Wallpaper changer. Be the master of your wallpaper. A double tap can change the particles, night effects, filters, or automatically shuffle your photos. Liven works great with Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, Grand Prime, Note 2, and most other Android devices. How do I best display my personalized wallpaper? On most devices, just open Settings and find Display in the menu. Click to find the Sleep function. Different lengths of time will be offered, but you'll need to choose Never. Return to the home screen and click the power button to make the screen dark. Click it again and you'll land on the lock screen showing the date and time and your selected wallpaper. No app icons will now be in the way of you enjoying the floating 'particles' over your favourite photos. (Just remember, you'll have to manually click the power switch when you put your phone away to conserve battery power.).
Operating System Android