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2016 - Good news for my Next launcher 3D users exclusively. Most of your icons will be replaced, all icons will be themed. NOTICE: Applying method has changed. Please open my app to apply theme only. I've added shortcut in the app to make it easier to use (see details "Shortcut" in "DIRECTIONS" section below). You will Not see it in the theme section of NEXT launcher. See "Disclaimer" below to see changes I made to this app in 2016. APP CONTENTS: You will get: 3000 icons - Free wallpaper cloud server access. (Daily update with over 500 unique wallpapers) - Free matching clock widget- App dashboard to apply the theme, wallpapers- Muzei support includedDIRECTIONS: Important: Theme app like this is not standalone. You need 2D (free) or 3D version of Next Launcher. SHORTCUT: to open this app 1. Open NEXT Launcher, make it your default launcher. (Make sure you are in 3D mode if you want it in 3D) 2. Long press (hold) on Next Launcher homescreen, > you should see round stage: menu screen with 4 buttons3. Select the last button "Shortcut" on the right4. Select this application5. select "Apply"TIP: How to 100% themed. 1. Open appdrawer by selecting main button in launcher homescreen. 2. Select the right menu button (gear icon) inside appdrawer screen. Select "Hide" (eye icon), click on icons you want to hide. Result is you have all your icons themed. OPEN APP: other methods Method 2: SEARCH1. Select "Search" (magnifying glass) in app drawer2. Type the name of this appMethod 3: WALLPAPER menu1. long press on Next Launcher homescreen, 2. select "wallpaper"3. Scroll right and select my app icon4. Select top left corner "Navigation" button5. Choose "Apply"DISCLAIMER: What does this app do? Theme NEXT Launcher's user interface in 3D mode. Theme icons in your launcher in 3D mode. Theme icons in your launcher in 2d mode. What does it NOT do? It will NOT theme your user interface in 2D mode. We will have another app available designated "2D" for that purpose. It will NOT theme your other launchers in 2D mode. We have another app available designated "Icon Pack" for that purpose. Wallpapers and icon request. I will add icons every 2 weeks, but icon request will take much longer. I will add new wallpapers at least 3 times a week, you need to close and reopen app and check wallpaper section to see changes. Permissions Explanation For the wallpapers to work, the following are needed: Access network state, wifi state, internet, set wallpaper, set wallpaper hintsFor muzei to auto-update: receive boot completed, vibrate and wake_lockTo save wallpaper: Read external storage (SD card), Write external storageWallpapers are large files. We save you storage by keeping them on our cloud. TROUBLESHOOTING: 1. This trick fixes most of your launcher issue: Open Next Launcher- Open launcher "Settings", look for Advanced/back up- Select "Reset to default"ABOUT USIf you have any questions, please email me: Ten. Designer@gmail.comSOCIALJoin our community for more experience to get the latest themes and news. My Google Community: http://goo. gl/9PQYdb. Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MichaelAXoThemes/posts. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xothemes. Website: http://www.xothemes.com (see screenshots) Sincerely, Michael AuTHAAUS and XOTHEMESThis theme is not affiliated with next launcher theme maker nor zt. art.
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