Nougat Launcher Prime

Nougat Launcher Prime, removes ads from Nougat Launcher. Nougat Launcher, is pure Android N Launcher, based N Launcher, adapted to latest Android N Launcher. 'KitKat Launcher Prime' renamed as 'Nougat Launcher Prime'. Nougat Launcher Prime is designed to be a Smooth, Light, Simple, Cool Launcher, including native Android 7. 0 N launcher experience. Nougat Launcher keeps latest Android 7. 0 Nougat experience, and has many enhanced features. This app will get Android 7. 0 N updates and features. If you paid for KitKat Launcher Prime, you can use both of them without any ads. You have to choose drawer style from setup screen when you update Nougat Launcher app. You need to install Nougat Launcher (Free) on your device, Click here to download and install Nougat Launcher. Nougat Launcher Prime, is ready for you. Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
Price USD6.99
License Purchase
Version 4.0
Operating System Android