Halloween Lock Screen

The Halloween countdown has already started. Halloween Lock Screen is one of the perfect "Halloween decorations" for your smartphone. All you need to do is to get this free download and slide to unlock to see the "Halloween pumpkin" carving pics and all the creepy creatures of the night. No other "free screensavers" can even come close to these to our "lock screen", inspired by the the grinning "Jack-o'-lantern" in night of horror, mystery and monsters. Enjoy in the crazy animation of one of the best lock screen apps, cool parallax effect and animated particles - see for yourself that this lock screen wallpaper has it all. Give your Android phone a Halloween makeover and unlock phone with the sense of impending doom. You can even pull a prank on your friends with cool HD "scary pictures" and the lock screen themes on the Halloween night, all for free. The sight of carved pumpkins and gruesome pumpkin faces will leave an impression every time you unlock phones and chill the blood in your veins every time you get a new screensaver lock. Have a "Happy Halloween" with scary "lock screen backgrounds". Pick the scariest lock screen wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet. Each day a new "Halloween background" for your lockscreen is added - collect them all. Our Halloween apps let you choose swipe style to unlock your phone. INSTRUCTIONS for installation of "Halloween Lock Screen": Go to Settings--> Disable System Screen Lock. NoneGo back to the previous menu and click 'Enable Lock Screen'. Fabulous "Halloween pictures" & "screen saver" animations for unlocking your screen. Choose the speed and density of particles on your "live lock screen". Our Halloween pumpkin "lock screen wallpapers" have cool parallax effect. Choose what you want to have on your display (time and date, camera, battery strength, etc. ). "Halloween lock screen wallpaper" fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones. Are you afraid to unlock screen? See where the Halloween monsters are hiding with a "screen lock" inspired by the night of horror. Grinning Jack-o'-lanterns could be gazing at you as soon as you get this "lock screen live wallpaper" - just try all the cool backgrounds and find the HD screensavers of your dreams. All the creepy and spine - chilling "Halloween pumpkins" with ominous grins and sinister glares can embellish your phone or tablet like never before. Just try this Android lock screen and you'll fall in love with each and every Halloween theme. If you are ready for something new, try combining your old Halloween live wallpapers with Halloween screen lock app. These Halloween Backgrounds & screen saver pics will make your smartphone suitable for the fear- inspiring holiday. Even if you are looking for cute lock screens or funny face lock screen, one of the best free apps for Android is here to make this holiday either fun or scary-it's up to you to choose screensaver pictures you like best. Get the lock screen apk and dress your phone in the craziest "Halloween costumes". You get to lock and unlock the mobile phone to cool HD lock screen pictures of Halloween wallpaper all for free. Browse through the "Halloween images" or the spooky Jack-o'-lantern lockscreen pics and find the ideal screensaver lock screen. You can keep the Halloween spirit alive throughout the year with some lock screen magic - the screen savers this app lock screen offers are so realistic, you will truly get scared. Halloween lock screen wallpaper for Android is one of those screen saver apps that can truly will petrify you with the original design of the lockscreen wallpapers HD. No other lock screen widget can even come close to this scary app. Get this fun screensaver free download inspired by the Halloween night and have a happy spooky holiday.
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