Halloween evening, ghosts, spiders, owls, black cats, dark places, full moon. Beware of that spooky night and prepare a lot of confectionery for trick-or-treaters. Some of them can be real monsters not only children in costumes. The parallax effect and animated flowers and particles also gives the wallpaper incredible depth. Options and settings: unlimited choice of many scary images in HD. on / off flying particles. choice of the type of particles. smooth setting of particles. choice of color particles. smooth visibility settings of particles. smooth setting of the particle size. on / off flying ghosts. on / off flashing lights. choice of color flashing lights. turn on / off parallax effect (amazing effect of space) The application supports all screen sizes and proportions, thanks to the wallpaper looks good on both your phone and tablet. Wallpaper goes sleep with the device, which does not consume unnecessary battery when the phone is not active. We hope you like our Halloween Live Wallpaper free. Please rate 5.
Operating System Android