Dark Stock Theme - Layers

This is a strongly stock inspired dark theme. If you like dark themes but you don't want to lose stock appeal, this merges the two ideas together. The theme installs through Layers Manager, that you can download here, IT REQUIRES ROOT, Busybox, and a Layers compatible ROM: https://goo. gl/KjYWJF. If you have black text in contacts, flash this zip https://goo. gl/UPGdQ1 ONLY FOR 5. 1. x, this one ONLY for Marshmallow ROMs http://goo. gl/tkRLwl if the zip doesn't work, flash also this one: dropbox.com/s/jns3ow0nugeeud9/ThemeableGoogleContactsDialer. zip? dl=1. Here the official wallpaper, used in the previews: http://goo. gl/teUry8 For any problem or suggestion, send me e-mail at piereligio@gmail.comor join my comminity and ask there https://plus. google.com/communities/108109701626930507263The theme has been tested on Android M2 and M3, stock Android Marshmallow (yeah. ), Cataclysm ROM (hybrid AOSP/Stock ROM) and Minimal OS ROM (AOSP), Android N 4th beta doesn't work well with themes, only SystemUI gets loaded. Don't expect this theme to work well on it. Themed elements: Android N-ify XPosed module;-AOSP Contacts.;-AOSP Dialer;-AOSP Keyboard;-AOSP Launcher;-AOSP Messages;-Calculator;-Documents/Download UI;-Framework-Res;-ES File Explorer;-Google Calendar;-Google Chrome;-Google Contacts.;-Google Dialer;-Google Drive;-Google Keep;-Google Keyboard;-Google Hangouts;-Google Inbox;-Google Launcher/Now;-Google Mail;-Google Messenger;-Google Play Music;-Google Play Store;-Google Plus;-Google Translate;-Kernel Adiutor's dark mode;-N style notifications;-Nova Launcher's searchbar;-Package Installer;-Root Explorer dark theme;-Settings;-SuperSU;-SystemUI;-Telegram (only partially themed. For full theme use Plus Messenger, a Telegram client, and download this and apply it from personalisation settings: goo. gl/Arg5ll);-WhatsApp. Thank you all for supporting me. Layers Dark RRO theme stock Marshmallow Android 6 6. 0.
Operating System Android