Look at the video above or at YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=PpXfBRq-V2sFollow me on Google+: https://goo. gl/AN6vuhWhat you need: Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro- Nova Launcher or another Launcher that fully supports the Android standards. For example Google Now LauncherNova or other Launcher Settings- Hide Status Bar and Dock- Select 4 PagesKLWP Settings- Select 4 Pages in KLWP- If you have a Navbar (Softbuttons) at the bottom of your Screen, you can switch "navbar" ON at the Globals- With "navbarh" you can set the height of your navbar. With Ultimate for KLWP you will get the following informations at your Homescreen: General info's (Clock, Date, Battery Progress Bar, Location, Notifications) - News Card, where you can read the 5 latest News from your favourite RSS Feed- Event Card, a Calendar with your next 3 Events- Music Card, a nice Music Player- Weather Card with Weather ForecastCustomize without KLWPAt the top right of each card, you find a settings icon. With the following setting menu you can easily change colors for each card. For the News Card you can switch RSS Thumb image On and Off or select if it will show black and white or color. For the Music Card you can switch Music Cover color On and OffOn the left at the Dock you will also find a settings icon. With the menu that will appear, you can switch the color from the wallpaper On and Off, or switch blur On and Off. Also you can can change the colors for the Dock. Customize in KLWPIn KLWP you can change the following things at the Globals: Navbar On and Off- Navbar Height- The Background image (Wallpaper) - The Picture at the top of the Profile Card- The Picture at the top of the News Card, if RSS Thumb will not show- Your Name at the Profile Card- The url of your favourite RSS FeedAccent ColorsIf you want to change the so called, Accent Colors, you can easily do this in the Globals. For example you want to change the Accent Colors for the Profile Card. Search for PCAC1 - PCAC3 in the Globals, where PCAC stands for: P = ProfileC = CardA = AccentC = ColorYou can change the color you want. And then, this color will show in the settings menu on the Profile Card, select the color and see what happen. You can do this for each Card: PCAC = Profile CardNCAC = News CardECAC = Event CardMCAC = Music CardWCAC = Weather CardDKAC = DockIf you have problems or questions, please send me an email.
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