Exo UI D - CM 12.1 & 13 Theme

A beautifully minimal dark theme for Cyanogenmod 12. 1 & 13. It comes with the core themed as well with several Cyanogenmod, google apps, c-apps and third party apps themed. You'll also be getting two beautiful wallpapers (+more if you join the community), a bootanimation & top notch support + swift updates. NOW COMES WITH ARCUS SUPPORT - TWO ADDITIONAL STYLES OF EXO UI. Themed apps includeCore system (custom animated radio toggles & checkboxes, dialogs, etc) Notification DrawerSettingsCalculatorAOSP / CM MessagingDialerClockContactsDownloadsCyanogenmod Music PlayerCyanogenmod File ManagerCyanogenmod Sound Recorder (CM 12. 1) Cyanogenmod Theme ChooserCyanogenmod GalleryCyanogenmod Gallery Photo EditorCyanogendmod CameraAOSP Keyboard (Material Dark + Material Light) Google Keyboard (Material Dark + Material Light) Google LauncherGoogle NowGoogle MessengerGoogle PlayGoogle HangoutsGoogle CalendarGoogle Chrome Google Chrome BetaGoogle Chrome DevGoogle MusicGoogle SettingsGoogle TranslateGoogle AuthenticatorYoutube (Header & accents only) GmailSnapchat (Accents only) InstagramWhatsappAirDroidArcusSpotifyC-Apps (DialerNext, GalleryNext, ThemeChooser, ThemeStore, AudioFX) --+ Exclusive Lockscreen & Launcher Wallpaper+ BootanimationTroubleshooting on CM 13Theme not applying correctly? Please reboot, uninstall / reinstall the theme or clear you device's cache. If you're still having issues, join the theme support community below and post your issue. Please note that you are on a nightly build of CM 13 (Development builds) as there is no official build out yet and those are buggy since they are not stable builds, so you must have to deal with those things at times (I hope you knew that before installing a nightly, so don't give me a bad rating because of that). Important noticeThis is a CM theme, will work only for CM 12. 1 and 13 or ROMS based on CM with a theme engine for example Dirty Unicorns, Resurrection Remix, so install at your own risk. No refunds will be given. If you're experiencing design bugs, be sure to post them to the support community. Dirty Unicorns users: The settings force close has now been resolved. If you are experiencing bugs, please post it in the Community, complaining about it in the reviews solves nobodies problems. There are some unthemed components in my ROMBefore giving me a bad rating and solving literally nothing, you should understand that I don't have 50 devices to test 50 different roms on. The best way for me to fix your issue is by you joining either the Theme Support Community / or emailing me the affected apk / linking me to your rom's github. Only then I'll be able to fix your issue. Support: Have an issue? Why not post it in the Support Theme Community here https://goo. gl/S8Das1Arcus CommunityArcus Community - https://goo. gl/I6LhT0.
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