Droid Sound Notification

Same sound, same developer, same function, different app. I finally changed app development software because, well, that three step process was a three step problem. Enjoy the new one. The sound used in this application is available online in many place for free. I just provide the application to make the process of setting the notification simpler. Development is now active. The name has been changed. Now called "Droid Notification Sound". Jealous of your friends with DROID branded devices? Not anymore. The famous Droid noise from DROID devices is now available to be set as a Notification Sound on all Android devices. It's as easy as holding down a button. All sounds, graphics, and trademarks are �© Google, Inc, and/or �© their respective owners. Portions of this application are reproduced from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3. 0 Attribution License. Please visit www.android.com for more information. The "Droid" logo is property of Google/Motorola/Lucasfilms, inc. I only made the application to simplify the process. (Tags: droid, android, sound, button, ringtone, notification, maker, google, nicholas, nick, olmoz, apps).
Operating System Android