You can make wallpapers just fit your Android Phone. You can use your favorite pictures to create wallpaper. How to use1. Add Pictures, zoom in, zoom out, move, sets pictures. 2. Save the image. 3. After saving image, set wallpaper. How to set wallpaper1."Wallpaper Maker" MENU, chose "Gallery" > "Wallpaper"2. Chose image, press MENU chose"Set Wallpaper". How to set Screen size image as wallpaper1."Wallpaper Maker" MENU, choose "Gallery" > "Image"2. Choose image, press MENU choose"Set Wallpaper". 3. List of Live Wallpaper, Choose "Walpaer Make" to set Screen size Wallpaper. MenuPress, menu button, or Long press screen. Add Picture Pick the picture, and add to the screen. Item Pick and add items to the screen. Background Pattern Choose bacgkround pattern. Clear Picture Clear all pictures on the screen. Screnn Size Choose the image size, Wallpaper size, Screen Size or LINE Home Size. Shortcut Set shortcut. (Long Press, Double Tap) Picture Quality Choose save quality of the image. Gallery Check and set wallpapers that you made. Image Menu Long press pictures you add. Copy Copy the image. Delete Delete the image. Set Background Set the image as background. Gallery Wallpaper Press menu, you can Set Wallpaper, Share, and delete the image. Image Press menu, you can Set Wallpaper, Share, or delete the image. LINE Home Press menu, you can Share, or delete the image. Questions, bug information please e-mail or to Twitter. mss2011c@gmail.com@mss2011c.
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