Rippled Water Splash Pro

Rippled Water Splash brings a new and fun live wallpaper water experience to your Android device. Tap the screen and watch the simulated water ripples move across your screen like smooth silk. Plenty of customization options are available that let you tune the way Rippled Water Splash looks to just the way you like. Rippled Water Splash also includes a range of new optical effects such as "chromatic aberration", which creates a rainbow effects as water ripples bend light, and "caustic simulation" which catches dynamic lighting patterns on the floor surface. Installation Instructions: Go to Home Screen > Menu > Wallpapers > Live Wallpaper, local this wallpaper in list of installed wallpapers -> Select this wallpaper -> Tap "Set Wallpaper"Some features include: Customization water response to gestures interaction- Multi-gesture response (tap screen in multiple places at once for more ripple effects) - A variety of funky background graphics to choose from- Continual water animation- Customizable rain drop simulation- Simulated optical effects including "chromatic aberration", "caustic simulation" and "refraction" control- Customizable lighting effects including "rainbow color cycle" and specular shine- Optional underwater bubbles- Battery saving mode for extended battery life- Totally 100% ad-free and spy-ware freeSoak your Android device in the awesomeness of Rippled Water Splash.
Operating System Android