[Full] Stickman Wallpaper

NEW STICK MAN LIVE WALLPAPER FINALLY AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY. Be the first to have a real stick man wallpaper as your home screen, having the possibility to choose from different backgrounds, themes, flying objects and more. Super Stickman Wallpaper. Set the Stick mans speed for your convenience and play with the "Shake to start" option. DISCOVER THE COOL INTERACTIVE FEATURES NOW. (Clouds and more). Looking for an opinion? Check this Android Police review http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/07/02/stickman-wallpaper-brings-pixelated-warriors-together-in-mortal-cartoon-combat/. Customize it as you like, here is the Background list: New: Dragon Ball Z: Cell Games1- Mount Rushmore2- New York3- Open Field4- Night City5- (. ) Forest 6- (. ) Space 7- (. ) Desert 8- (. ) Japanese 9- (. ) Star wars 10- (. ) Snow Field 11- (. ) Crayon Ship made by a baby REMEMBER, YOU WILL BE HAVING UPDATES EVERY TWO WEEKS WITH NEW BACKGROUNDS. Here is the "Theme" list: 1- Stick man Community2- Epic Stick man Fight REAL STICK MAN FIGHT FULL OF WELL KNOWN CHARACTERS. 3- Star Wars Theme: A Real Jedi Fight4 - Super Saiyan (Vegeta Vs Goku Fight). Christmas special edition. Here is the Flying objects list: 1- Angel2- Helicopter3- Super Stick man4- Flying Surfer 5- Gokku 6- Green Dragon 7- Hang Gliding 8- Veggeta 9- Swing Stick man. Another cool fact. LOW - CONSUMPTION. Yes, Stick man Live Wallpaper has a very efficient algorithm even for old devices. If you want to know how to set it up just go to " http://mobi. mobilecostudios.com/stickmaninstall. html " and we will explain you, its very easy. RATE US. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, you can follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mobileco. apps and also keep in touch with the latest news. Our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/MobileCoTVOur website is http://mobilecostudios.com/ THANKS AND ENJOY.
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