Bat Signal: A 3D LiveWallpaper

Classy, Handmade, Premium Batman 3D Live Wallpaper; no crashes, no battery drains. We used the latest OpenGL 2. 0 technology for high quality graphics and stellar performance, to bring Batman closer to his chosen die hard fans. Supports all phones/tablets above Android 2. 2 (Froyo) to the latest Android 4. 4 (Kit-Kat), provided the hardware supports OpenGL 2. 0 and supports screen rotation. After setting the wallpaper double tap the home screen to access settings menu, where you can rate your app and share it with friends and family (Hence the needed 'Internet Permission') Permissions: Need Internet (for rating and sharing). Battery usage Challenge. Tested 24 hours on HTC and Asus devices, did not drain the battery at all. Consumed just 2%. To set the wallpaper. Home Screen --> Long Press --> Live wallpaper --> Bat-Signal: A 3D Live Wallpaper orHome Screen --> Menu. Settings. Wallpaper --> Live wallpaper --> Bat-Signal: A 3D Live Wallpaper On some devices you might have to wait for 10 Seconds until the wallpaper loads and then click Set Wallpaper.
Operating System Android