Orbitals LWP & Daydream

Watch as planetary systems pop into existence and interact with each other through gravity, or touch the screen to add your own systems. Objects can collide with one another and will explode into smaller objects when they get too large. This full version includes options to choose background and object colours, the types of systems that are generated, some physics tweaks, and change the appearance (colours, sizes, styles) when the device is locked. The app now includes a 'daydream' (screensaver) which has all of the same options for customisation. There is now an optional extension to make objects change colour when you receive notifications - see 'Notification pulse' in the settings for more information. To set the live wallpaper, long press on your home screen, choose 'Wallpapers', then find 'Orbitals' under 'Live Wallpapers'. You can also find it under 'Display' in your device settings menu. To set the daydream go to Settings > Display > Daydream and choose 'Orbitals' (requires Android 4. 2 Jellybean or above). This is also where you will find the preferences menu for the daydream mode. If you would like to find out about upcoming features, post your favourite settings, or otherwise discuss Orbitals, please see the Google+ community here: https://plus. google.com/communities/113955537219140914914.
Operating System Android