How to install a Keyboard Plus theme?Just follow these easy steps:1. Download Galaxy Keyboard theme from Google Play Store2. Open the Galaxy Keyboard theme3. Apply the theme by pressing the - Activate - button from the Keyboard Plus Theme ManagerIf you want to change your font size just go to the Quick Settings Tab and choose from one of the 3 available sizes: small, medium or large.This Keyboard Plus theme uses a free Google Font available here: the Keyboard Plus themes come with a matching font that will be displayed automatically.For the best experience for all our users this app is translated in over 60 different languages.We are looking forward for your feedback so don't hesitate to contact us for any suggestions or other issues that you may have at the following address: polomartin97@gmail.comGet ready to reach the stars with the new Galaxy Keyboard theme. Change the way your gadget looks and make it worthy of a true explorer, all you have to do is download the Galaxy Keyboard theme. If you are a traveler and you like discovering new places this galaxy theme is just right for you. With just a touch of your keyboard you can reach far away corners of the galaxy, you don't even need a spaceship. Download the Galaxy Keyboard theme and let the adventure begin. And because each journey is more fun when you have company don't forget to share the Galaxy Keyboard theme with all your friends. If you are an adventure seeker accept a new challenge and download right now the Galaxy Keyboard Plus theme. With every touch of your galaxy keyboard you will discover a new wonder, a beautiful star or maybe a lovely comet. Your only limit is your imagination so get inspired by this Galaxy Keyboard Plus theme and start dreaming. Science has made huge progress and we now know so many things about the universe but, as always, many others remain to be discovered. Start your own journey through a far away galaxy, it's so easy all you have to do is download the Galaxy Keyboard Plus theme and you are ready. Take your friends with you, share with them this fabulous Galaxy Keyboard Plus theme. Start discovering the wonders of the universe and feel like a true explorer by customizing all your gadgets with the Galaxy Keyboard theme. Now all the stars and planets are so easy to reach, with only the touch of your fingertips. Feel inspired by this Galaxy Keyboard theme and be the first in everything that you do. This is a theme for the brave ones, for people that aren't afraid to take chances because they know it will be worth it. Be bold and travel with this theme to a far away corner of the galaxy. You will be amazed by the beauty of this galaxy theme, that will open a new world for you to start exploring. Download right now the Galaxy Keyboard theme and your adventure will begin. Don't forget to share this theme with all your friends, they will love it too.Content rating: Everyone
File Size4.77 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.