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EpicGreen AND EpicBlue CM7 themes also available on Google Play!EpicBlue Wallpapers app available on Google Play!Free version coming soon!NOTICE...THIS IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLYPLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!!!!!****DON'T MARK 1 STAR IF IT WON'T INSTALL, EMAIL ME!! If it hangs at installing, and the notification says that it's complete, then it's good. Go to the Theme Chooser and apply. If you get the "Improperly Compiled" error when applying, apply the system default theme (most likely System), reboot, then apply my theme.****REBOOT AFTER APPLYING TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING GETS APPLIED...especially after updatesDONATE VERSION Will receive updates a day or two prior to the free version! If you want to donate more, email me and I'll send you my paypal linkIf you need help or find bugs, please just EMAIL me stetsonaw@android.net or POST on my support thread at http://goo.gl/vnn1n -also- there are instructions on that page!!!Rom: CM9, CM10 or other ICS or JellyBean ROMs with the T-mobile Theme chooser includedIf you have no idea what that means then PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!YOU WILL GET AN ERROR ABOUT ASSETS..SELECT APPLY ANYWAY...NOTHING WILL GO WRONG!!!DO NOT MOVE TO SDCARD....WILL CAUSE ERRORSPLEASE EMAIL...I CANNOT REPLY TO COMMENTS IN Google Play...yet. .....Bad ratings for bugs will not help you or anyone so PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!!!!If you don't like it then PLEASE don't download it!!!!Please enjoy this theme as I made it for myself and decided to share with everyone!!!There are Metamorph options on my thread to theme the Lockscreen.Theme looks great with inverted apps!I'm open to input/suggestions. Email me!LAST BUT VERY IMPORTANT>>>>>>>>>>>>.........ENJOY :-)@stetsonaw on twitter28 Wallpapers can be found in EpicBlue Walls by me.Themed apps list: Amazon Appstore (icon only for now) ADW Free ADW EX Bluetooth Browser Calculator Calendar Camera ClockworkMod Rom Manager (icon only for now) Contacts (INVERTED) DSP Manager FlexT9 Keyboard Framework GMail Google Talk Stock Keyboard LauncherPro Google Play (Inverted) Mobile Package Tracker News & Weather Package Installer Pandora Phone SetCPU Settings Settings Profiles Toggle SuperUser 2.x/3.0/Elite SystemUI Tapatalk/DroidForums/XDA/Android.net/DroidXForums (Icon only for now) Terminal Torch Trebuchet Twitter VoiceDialer VoiceSearch Youtube (Icon only)Status notify Animations GPS Sync MarketMore to come!!!!Special Thanks to:~dustinb15 (make sure to check out his Cobalt Themes)~djdarkknight (make sure to check out his Dark Themes)~B-boyTM (make sure to check out his themes)~Mbk for helping me get started theming~theBowers for the icon stock~Haxzmatic for the theme template~Alastronia for ideas and inspiration for crazy stuff~Gunnermike53 and hedwig34 for porting a bunch of icons over to the larger resolutionThese guys have contributed a lot, especially with the transition from Gingerbread to ICS, and again from ICS to JB.Keywords: Epic Blue CM9 CM10 Cyanogen Mod CyanogenMod 9 10 ThemeRecent changes:PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION! Initial Release! Thanks to all my beta testers on RootzWiki and XDA!!Special Thanks to:~dustinb15 (check out his Cobalt Themes)~djdarkknight (check out his Dark Themes)~B-boyTM (check out his themes)~Mbk for helping me get started theming~theBowers for the icon stock~Haxzmatic for the theme template~Alastronia~Gunnermike53 and hedwig34Content rating: Everyone
File Size21.51 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.